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World Physiotherapy day 2018

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World Physiotherapy day 2018

How to celebrate World physiotherapy day?
• Every year on 8th September WPD is celebrated as designated by WCPT in 1996.
• It is an opportunity for all Physical therapist from all over the world to raise awareness about, contribution of the profession in making people well, mobile and independent.
• The overreaching theme for WPD each year is Movement for Health.
Ideas to create awareness about Physiotherapy-
1. Rally-with banners and posters
2. Seminar/Quiz/Different Activities
3. Poster presentation on-Physiotherapy and common conditions in which physiotherapists can help
4. Awareness programmes on television, radio station, news paper
5. Pamphlets distribution
6. Pen and informative flyers distribution
7. Arrange health walk and fitness exercise programme
8. Free screening and physiotherapy consultation session
9. Panel discussion with influential people of other field and implementation of outcomes for profession upliftment
10. Social media projects-for awareness put special status claiming we are proud physiotherapists
11. Share WCPT and local materials in soft and hard copy
12. Social activities like blood donation camp, fruit distribution to poor patients etc
Turn setback in to come back by Physiotherapy
Keep calm your physiotherapist is here

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