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Ultrasonic Machine 5 LED used physiotherapy (HCD127)

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Ultrasonic Machine 5 LED used physiotherapy (HCD127)

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Standing frame with CP chair

Form activity work station system

Staircase T shape

Four fold bed

Motorised Mini pedal cycle

IR lamp with stand


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Parallel bar 8feet

Wall bar 8 feet

Mini 4 channel tags

Mini tens + MS combo

Three fold bed

Quadriceps chair

Ultrasonic Machine 5 LED

Examination couch

Staircase L shape

Parallel bar 8feet

Mini 2 channel tens

Mini muscle stimulator

Standing frame for child

Magnetic peg board

Examination Couch

Four fold bed

Suspension bed with frame

Occupational therapy all product

Examination couch

Quadricep chair

Manual Tilt table

chime frame

Mirror Chime Bout

3 In 1 Combi IFT TENS US

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