15.Jan, 2020 0

Physiotherapy in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)-Part 3

Hello Friends I welcome you all to my youtube channel.In the present video I had discussed about: 1. Early mobilization in ICU-Use of Mobilization 2. Manual hyperinflation 3. Percussions & vibrations 4. Suctioning 5. Limb exercises 6. Continuous rotational therapy Kindly find some other videos also on my channel 1….

26.May, 2019 0

Physiotherapy in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)- Part 1

Hello friends in the ICU PT video series I am uploading first video . In present video I have mentioned about 1.What is ICU? 2. Types of ICU? 3. ICU design? 4. Logistics of ICU? 5. Levels OF ICU? 6. Protocols for Patient care in ICU etc. In other subsequent…

29.Dec, 2018 0

Standard Operating Process for Opening Physiotherapy Clinic

This video will be helpful to those therapist who is interested to open a clinic. Thanks and regards, Dr. Tarpan Shah