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Stories of Impact: Moving with Arthritis – How Physiotherapy Helps

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Stories of Impact: Moving with Arthritis – How Physiotherapy Helps

Moving with Arthritis – How Physiotherapy Helps is the second story in our Stories of Impact series.

One in eight Canadians currently suffers from some kind of arthritis, and over the next 20 years, this number is expected to rise to one in four (the result of a less active population, obesity and other factors). For young people –almost 20% of all osteoarthritis patients – the condition develops after an injury or trauma to joints.

One of the major concerns arthritis patients have is the fear that there’s nothing they can do to treat their arthritis. Physiotherapists want patients to know that it doesn’t need to be that way – and that those living with arthritis can get moving for life again.

Meet Ruth Hellerud-Brown and Lindsay Davies: two young, active women living with osteoarthritis. Ruth, former captain of the Canadian National Women’s Rugby team, and Lindsay, a former competitive step dancer, have both had to deal with the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis, and its impact on their daily lives and active lifestyles. Ruth lives with osteoarthritis in her knee every day. For Lindsay, her osteoarthritis led to a double hip replacement at just 27 years old.

Through their work with physiotherapists, including PABC members Clyde Smith and Allison Ezzat, they’re moving on with their lives, and getting back to the activities they love. You’ll also hear from Richard Mulcaster, Executive Director of the Arthritis Society – BC and Yukon, on the value physiotherapy brings to arthritis treatment.

Physiotherapists are university trained medical professionals that work closely and in collaboration with doctors and other health care professionals to ensure optimum patient health and recovery. They’ll help you regain your joint confidence, and show you that your arthritis doesn’t need to keep you from living an active life.

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