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Physiotherapy Exercises For Hamstring Tendinopathy

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Physiotherapy Exercises For Hamstring Tendinopathy Looking for Expert Physiotherapy Care in Downtown Toronto? Well then look no further. Rebalance Sports Medicine offers expert physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine and massage therapy in downtown Toronto.

In this video, Registered Physiotherapist Orsi Timar demonstrates a variety of safe and effective strengthening exercises targeted at gradually loading the hamstring tendon. When applied correctly and at the right time of tissue healing, these exercises can be used to recover from and prevent hamstring tendinopathy injuries.

There are many different causes for hamstring tendinopathy and these are just general exercises that may help to relieve your pain and weakness but should not be used in the place of a sound evaluation by a trusted physiotherapist and an individualized treatment plan. There may be other areas of the body that are contributing to the hamstring dysfunction and if these areas are not address appropriately, it can lead to recurrence of the injury, prolonged healing and/or compensation strategies while doing these exercises.

Physiotherapy treatment for hamstring tendinopathy can include the following:

1. Correcting muscle imbalances in the core and lower extremity
2. Functional movements and full body strengthening
3. Gradual loading of the hamstring tendon through individualized prescriptive exercise
4. Manual Therapies focused at the muscles and joints of the spine, pelvis, hip and knee
5. Acupuncture
6. Gunn IMS
7. Shockwave Therapy

If you would like to learn more, we recommend booking an appointment with an experienced physiotherapist who can help you develop an individualized treatment regimen to address your specific concerns and lifestyles goals.

To book your physiotherapy assessment at our downtown Toronto facility, give us a call. 416-777-9999.

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