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Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto: What is Physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto: What is Physiotherapy? Looking for Expert Physiotherapy Care in Downtown Toronto? Well then look no further. Rebalance Sports Medicine offers expert physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine and massage therapy in downtown Toronto.

Physiotherapists are University trained primary care health professionals. Physiotherapists can help individuals with injuries, illnesses and disabilities who may have pain or limitations in movement or function. They work with you to help maintain or improve your health, manage pain and help to improve your overall functioning better. Orthopaedic physiotherapists use movement, exercise, manual therapy, acupuncture and education to facilitate your recovery and help you reach your goals.

The physiotherapists at Rebalance Sports Medicine are passionate, creative and are highly skilled. The have a thirst for knowledge and stay up to date in the constantly evolving field by taking continuing education courses. Our physios will conduct a thorough assessment so that they can target the root issue of your problem. They want to ensure that you feel better and stay better. You will learn about your body and develop a good sense of body awareness with our skilled physiotherapists. This video helps you understand what physiotherapy is and how it can help you. To book your physiotherapy assessment at our downtown Toronto facility, give us a call. 416-777-9999.

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