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Physiotherapy at Home for Fingers (Paralysis)

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Physiotherapy at Home for Fingers (Paralysis)

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In this informative video, you will learn finger physiotherapy in paralysis. These are some of the great finger exercises which are useful to improve fine motor skills after stroke. When you feel difficulty in moving hands or fingers and unable to perform daily activities with fingers such as getting dressed, bathing and eating, it is because your brain cannot properly communicate with your hand muscles. In order to get your brain and hands communicating again, you need to reconnect your brain to muscles.

In order to regain fine motor skills after paralysis, these exercises may be repeated over and over again. Using rubber band to exercise your fingers will do wonders to recover hand motion and fine motor skills. Recent studies have shown that the most important way to recover fine motor skill is performing repetitive exercises in order to build new pathways.

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is the best technique to regain strength and function in your weaker arm. The stronger arm is covered with sling to encourage use of weaker hand to perform daily activities. All you have to do this: Use of a mitten while doing activities of daily living. The mitten makes it impossible to use the stronger arm. The patient must use weaker hand for eating, grooming, dressing, bathing and toileting.

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