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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy J

We recommend reading the ‘Clinical Assessment Resource Package’ prior to viewing any videos. Download the ‘Clinical Assessment Resource Package’ from:

Background information for video vignette .

Day 1 L TKR

Patient underwent L TKR 1 day ago and is currently on the acute orthopaedic ward awaiting initial assessment on the morning after surgery

Table 10:
Background information for orthopaedic vignette

Demographic Information

Acute orthopaedic ward


Patient age
60 ‐ 70

Manages small farm Main Presentation L TKR

Student Name

Educator Name

Patient Name
Tom Jacobs


Reason for attending physiotherapy
Patient day 1 post L TKR

History of presenting condition
Patient reported increasing level of pain and decreasing exercise tolerance secondary to pain. Pre‐op assessment demonstrated a fixed flexion deformity of 15 degrees and exercise tolerance of 200m Investigations Pre‐op: X‐ray – OA Post‐op: BP – 105/62, Hb – normal range, Saturations – normal range

Past Medical History
OA L Knee

Past Surgical History

Endone and Targin

Alcohol and Drug
Occasional alcohol, nil drugs

Social History
Lives with wife on farm, 6 stairs front and back, independent with all ADL’s. Required to manage manual duties as part of running the farm.

Functional History
Previous exercise tolerance 200m

Patient Goals
To return home and return to managing the farm

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