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Is Studying Physiotherapy Hard?

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Is Studying Physiotherapy Hard?

Hey guys in this video I breakdown why some people question if studying is physiotherapy hard.

Video Summary Below:

Is Studying Physiotherapy Hard?

A question I had myself before embarking on my journey to become a physio

I think this question is quite relative to the individual as different people have different strengths and the course is so varied in the fact that there a wide range of assessment methods namely essays, practical exams, presentations, group projects so really there is something to suit everyone’s strengths.

Having said that though, in my opinion I think the course is very intense in regards to the volume of work and assignments you get.

This is what makes it hard because even during holidays and breaks where your buddies on other courses may be taking real time off, you may be revising for an important OSCE/ISPE or doing an essay.

So you never truly get to experience what a ‘break’ feels like until you actually finish the course or the few weeks you get off in the summer..if you’re lucky enough not to be doing a retake!

I hope that answers this question. I know this may have come off as abit pessimistic and not too encouraging but I know it won’t put off the people who really want to become physios. It is very rewarding on the plus side just knowing you are in a position to be helping someone else in need.

Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed this video!

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