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How To get Into Physio In The UK from India | Physiotherapy Degree | International Student

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How To get Into Physio In The UK from India | Physiotherapy Degree | International Student

Hey guys so a lot of people have been sending in requests on how to get into a physio degree in the UK from India, so I’ve tried to outline the process for you in this video as clearly as I could. Hope it helps and good luck!

The first step is to have the necessary academic requirements to gain entry into a program.

I have researched a few universities namely in London – Kings, Brunel and East London and have given a general overview of what they are looking for.

Now of course I do not work for or am I affiliated with any of these unis and my advice is based of current research in 2019 – these could change so I would advise you to check and do your own research!

1) Higher Secondary Certificate from Standard XII – atleast 80% equivalent to a grade B in A level in the UK

This can be any other equivalent secondary qualification like for example an International Baccalaureate
English requirements -IELTS score of atleast 7.0 and 6.5 in each skill.

Example on Kings College London Website:

2) Once you fit the academic profile, the next step would be for you to write a personal statement and then apply to your desired universities via UCAS – which is the UK portal for applicants into universities

I have linked a video down below which outlines this process for you so you know what you need. (Personal statement etc.)

UCAS International Applicants Video Guide:

Watch my video on how to write a good personal statement here:

3) Once submitting your application via UCAS you just wait and see if you’ve been offered any interviews for your chosen universities.

You should get a few if you’ve met all the requirements and presented with a strong personal statement.

Once you have an interview – this is a chance for the uni to meet you in person and see if you would be a good fit.

Interviews can usually be held over skype as well.

Watch my video on how to pass your physio interview:

4) Once you have had your interview and it has been successful in that you’ve received an offer


You now have a place to study at a UK university.

It’s time for you to either accept or reject your offer and you will do this via the UCAS website.

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As always if you had any queries or concerns about anything, give me a shout and I would be happy to help.

Essential Books For Studying Physio:

Anatomy and Human Movement:
Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment:
Neuromusculoskeletal Examination and Assessment:
Red Flags:
The Anatomy Colouring Book:
Netters Anatomy Flash Cards:

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