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Cerebral Palsy : Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Treatment India

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Cerebral Palsy : Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Treatment India

Exercise protocol after SEMLOSSS should be strictly followed according to the need of children. We can divide this exercise protocol into different phases. Soft Tissue phase (2-4 week) include passive mobilization, myofascial release, relaxation exercises, joint mobilization. The second phase starts from 1-month post surgery onward. it includes Muscle strengthening, pelvic balancing exercises, activity oriented exercises and some time Faradic nerve stimulation. This phase lost for few month till the child regain muscle power and balance of body in the environment. The third phase includes gait training and Training of activity of daily life. Exercise protocol after SEMLOSSS does not include any stretching. The child requires repeated assessment during the whole period of therapy to check the sensory as well as the motor deficit, the outcome of physiotherapy and remaining weakness and the problem of balance so required cerebral palsy therapy or physiotherapy will be changed according to next requirement of the child.

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