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A Career in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (JTJS42009)

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A Career in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (JTJS42009)

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are both roles that assist people who need to regain mobility or restore function which has been impaired by a health incident or injury. Andrew has a keen interest in sports so is keen to check out these health-based careers.

Physiotherapy can be a physically demanding job as it concentrates on a person’s physical ability and fixing any impairment. There is also a sports aspect to the job and touring with sports teams is just one of the directions this career can take you.

Andrew is on the job in a hospital to see how physiotherapy works in practise with Eti then joins occupational therapist Rio to check out a patient who following a car accident, needs a wheelchair. She is suffering a broken leg, injured shoulder and a head injury. Rio explains what needs to be done to ensure she has support for her injuries and can function once back home. Part of his assessment also includes a short term memory test.

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