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8 Alternative Job in Physiotherapy other than Clinical

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8 Alternative Job in Physiotherapy other than Clinical

In this video I am going to share with you 8 Alternative job in Physiotherapy other than Clinical.

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1. 00:50 Government Hospital and corporate hospital
2. 02:45 Special school
3. 03:25 Rehabilitation department
4. 04:06 Sports Physiotherapy
5. 04:33 Government disability project.
6. 05:11 Non governmental organisation NGOs
7. 05:34 Academics
8. 05:56 Entrepreneurship

1) jobs in Government Hospital and corporate hospital.
Everyone is looking for government jobs, there are several vacancies that is being advertised on newspaper you can search for it and you can apply for government job. You can also apply for corporate hospitals like Apollo other corporate hospitals, they give handsome salary as a fresher.
So after getting inside Hospital what kind of jobs you can get? you might be posted into 5 different department.
1: Physiotherapy OPD
2: Indoor.
3: Intensive Care Unit or ICU.
4: Rehabilitation department.

2) Physiotherapy clinic.
A fresher struggling with his career can also land up in a physiotherapy clinic or Physiotherapy Centre that is well established. Although you won’t be Fair pain Handsome salary on the physiotherapy clinic but you will get a very good exposure on how to handle a Physiotherapy Centre iIf you are planning to have your own in future.
You will get how to market yourself you will get idea on how to deal with patient, how to talk with the patients, these things are very important in addition to how do you treat how do you cure your patient.
These aspects are also very important.

3) Special school.
Special schools are different from normal School, these schools are meant for the differently abled children the children who are physically disabled or mentally disabled. They have a different set of arrangement in the school they have got a special educator who teaches to them they are different from the normal teachers. Their way of teaching is different.
There is a rehabilitation department where physiotherapist has got a very important role in treating that physically disabled children. They handle physically disabled children in Association with occupational therapist, speech therapist and other therapists

4) Sports Physiotherapy.
Nowadays every major team maybe a cricket, football, hockey every major state team or National level team has a physiotherapist with them. But you have to do a special course that is called as sports Physiotherapy course after the completion of graduation. It is very competitive field it is very difficult to get into it but it is one of the option

5) Government disability project.
Government have lots of disability projects there are community based rehabilitation projects inside the interior pockets of the parts of the India. Like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan National Rural Health Mission, NRHM. All these have projects related to disability. So you can apply for it through the advertisements and you can get into it, it’s very good to start your career with, but it is not good to carry on it. for being a fresher it is a good career option

6) Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs)
There are established NGOs who also pays very handsome salary to their physiotherapist, like Handicap International. It is a international level NGO that pay very good to their rehab professionals. There are also state level NGOs you can join them to start your career with.

7) Academics.
Every year new new Physiotherapy colleges are coming in your city or in your area. So look for the colleges there and apply for as a professor as a lecturer. It is very good for female physiotherapist who do not want to involve herself in clinical jobs, it’s a 5 to 8 job and good for a female physiotherapist.

8) Entrepreneurship.
After getting 2 to 3 years of experience in working in clinics and dealing with patients you can set up your own clinic. Setting up your own clinics it’s a difficult task but if you get success you will it will fetch you like anything.
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